Office and Commercial Window Film

Commercial window tinting Houston, TX can save money and make the working environment more desirable. Whether its to provide for a more comfortable work area or save on cooling costs or both, turn to the commercial building experts, Sundown Window Tinting.

The benefits of commercial window tinting

The benefits of window film installation that are realized by our residential window tinting clients can also be experienced by our commercial customers. The same concerns related to UV rays, privacy, heat & glare, and energy use are all prevalent, often even more so, in commercial instances. Many of our commercial window tinting clients desire to be socially responsible by operating as “green” as possible, and they have heightened concerns related to protecting their assets. They desire to provide a comfortable and productive work environment for their employees by keeping ambient temperatures comfortable and diminishing the glare that often accompanies the morning and late afternoon sun beating in through windows onto computer screens.

Enhance the aesthetics of your building

Our window film & tinting products provide relief in all of these areas as well as adding to the beauty of commercial buildings, both inside and out. Today’s technology and increased use of glass on the interiors of buildings provides many options for the installation of window film including etched films on doors, conference rooms, etc. adding to the aesthetics of commercial offices.

Improve security and protection

Another important benefit of window film installation, security film, in particular, is the protection provided against broken glass whether due to intentional causes, such as vandalism and burglary, or unintentional causes via natural disasters like tropical storms and hurricanes. While window film won’t completely prevent glass breakage, it can contain the damage preventing glass from falling or flying out, and it provides a barrier that dissuades robberies and protects the contents of your business.

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