About Sundown Window Tinting

Paul Piat, the owner, has been in the window film industry since 1982. Paul has installed window film on homes, schools, businesses, commercial buildings, cars, RV’s, boats and planes. Beginning in 1994, Paul started concentrating solely on the installation of window film to “flat” glass found in homes, businesses and commercial buildings. In recent years, Paul has added the installation of frosted, etched window film onto doors and conference rooms. Glass contributes to the beauty of building interiors. Paul takes great pride in the professional installation of window film that meets his customers’ needs and concerns. He’s involved in every installation guaranteeing satisfaction with the products and services provided by SunDown Window Tinting. Commercial window tinting in Houston, TX can save money and make the working environment more desirable. Provide for a more comfortable work area, save on cooling costs, turn to the commercial tinting experts. Sundown Window Tinting!