How Can Anti-Graffiti Window Film Help Your Business?

The Value Of Multi-Layer Anti-Graffiti Window Film

What Multi-Layer Anti-Graffiti Window Film Can Do For Your Business

Critics and commentators have debated whether or not graffiti is art for generations now. If you’re a business owner in Texas and you’ve ever had to deal with the hassle and expense of cleaning graffiti off your premises, you have a pretty firm bias against graffiti. Texas property damage laws include graffiti as a form of damage, and in the right circumstances, this form of vandalism can earn perpetrators a five-year prison sentence. From a practical point of view, just getting rid of graffiti so that it doesn’t impact your business can cost you thousands of dollars. The latest technological refinements in window film give you a powerful tool you can use to protect your property from graffiti as well as other forms of vandalism. This article will familiarize you with the details of anti-graffiti window film and all of its benefits.

Anti-Graffiti Film: How Does It Work?

The anti-graffiti film is one or more protective layers applied to windows or mirrors. Most products in this field deliver multi-layer protection when applied to vulnerable surfaces. In most cases, paint and other markings applied to a protected surface can be removed with ordinary household cleaners. The anti-graffiti film can even protect your glass from more serious forms of malicious damage, like scratching and etching. In cases like this, the top layer of the film is removed to remove the damage. Manufacturers produce this polyester film in a range of different thicknesses. This lets you pick the right level of protection for your business’s specific needs. Filmed glass cuts down both your risk and the cost of getting rid of graffiti; the film is much cheaper and easier to replace than the glass beneath it.

Additional Benefits Of Anti-Graffiti Film

Besides the obvious job of protecting your windows and mirrors from vandalism, the anti-graffiti film can do some other helpful tasks as well:

Preserving Other Window Films

Lots of businesses rely on other sorts of window films on their premises. Commercial window tinting, for example, increases privacy and security, and films are also often used for marketing purposes. The great thing about the anti-graffiti film is that it doesn’t interfere with these other treatments in any way. In virtually every case, anti-graffiti window film can be applied right on top of other films. The film is clear and optically neutral; it does not change your windows’ colors or reduce the amount of light coming through them.

Discouraging Vandals In The Future

Graffiti is a classic example of a problem that requires strict vigilance. One vandal tagging your property can serve as an inspiration to others. Tags, etchings, and other signs can multiply rapidly if you don’t take immediate steps to remove them. Anti-graffiti film simplifies that process tremendously. All you need to do is wipe down the film or remove a layer to restore your business’s pristine appearance. Remember that graffiti is a way of attracting attention; if vandals know graffiti on your building is removed quickly, they will turn their attention elsewhere in search of more-permanent settings.

Blocking UV Rays

Because of the multiple layers used in the anti-graffiti film, it can actually be manufactured to handle multiple jobs. That includes blocking out sunlight’s unhealthy UV rays. Some films are so well-made that they can guarantee 99 percent protection. UV blocking also helps your business by reducing the amount of unwanted heat getting into the building. Bring up UV protection with your film installation company to see what level of protection is best for you.

The Importance Of Professional Installation

While anti-graffiti window film can deliver potent benefits, it needs to be installed properly to do so. This job needs to go to trained and experienced professionals. That’s why Sundown Tinting is always upfront about the professional credentials of our installers. All of them are certified and thoroughly experienced in handling our full range of window film products. They handle residential, commercial, and automotive work with equal skill. If you’re ready to fight back against graffiti, contact us now. We’ll happily provide the perfect anti-graffiti film product – and the skilled installation it requires for maximum effect.

Call us today or contact us now for more information on window tint safety and finding the right window film for you!

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