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What To Know About Window Film In Houston

Window Film – ‘Myth vs. Reality’ – Explained By The Best Window Tinters In Houston

Myth #1. Window Film Will Stop The Fading Of Furnishings Completely

The Reality: Window films are very helpful in blocking the number of UV rays (over 98%), the solar heat (over 82%), and a portion of the visible light. As such, they are very effective at reducing the fading of interior furnishing caused by solar radiation. However, the films cannot protect the furnishing 100%. They only negate the fading caused by the sun but they do not eliminate it completely.

Myth #2. Window Film Will Ruin Your View

The Reality: A reflective or dark film does reduce the view from the outside looking into an office, home, or car. However, it is not the same when looking from the inside out. This effect is possible largely thanks to Visual Acuity, a phenomenon where the human eye adjusts to the environment with regards to the amount light present and, therefore, the amount light the getting into the eye. This allows someone inside to see outside with ease when the light inside is reduced.

Myth #3. Security Films Are Hurricane Proof And Bullet Resistant

The Reality: There are numerous companies that claim their security films are capable of protecting the glass from extreme forces such as those resulting from bullets and hurricane. To prove their claim, many of these companies perform tests. However, unbeknown to consumers, these tests are conducted using 1/2 inch thick glass in combination with a multilayer of the security film. As you can appreciate, these are not normal conditions. The vast majority of installed glassed are between 1/8-inch and 1/4 inch.

There is no window film that can stop a bullet on a standard glass. Moreover, hurricane proof claims are just lies. Hurricanes are known to rip roofs off. It only makes sense that they can destroy glasses. The best the film can do is to hold the glass together in case they break, thereby negating the injuries resulting from shuttered glasses.

Myth #4. All Automotive Window Films Are Illegal

The Reality: As you might appreciate, laws vary from country to country and from state to state. In the United States, the use of window film is prohibited on the front of the windshield. However, it permissible to apply window films on the back windshield and the rear side windows. Every state has laws governing the amount of light transmission allowed.

Many other countries allow the use of window films on the entire vehicle are long the film meets the laid out light transmission requirements. If you have any question regarding the legality of using window films, contact Sundown Window Tinting and our professionals will help you stay within the legal limits.

Myth #5: You Can Install Window Films As A DIY Project

The Reality: At first look, installing window films may look like an easy task that anyone can achieve as a DIY project. However, the reality is there are many circumstances that may lead to an installation appearing unprofessional. For instance, it is very easy to contaminate the film with dust, dirt, hair, and or any other particles. This will ruin the film, and when installed the installation window film will be less than stellar. On the other hand, a professional installer is not only skilled but experienced in matters of applying the film, all the while negating any contamination from taking place. This results in a high-quality finish.

There are numerous benefits to window tinting. Tinting your home windows help improve the energy efficiency of your home, thereby reducing your energy bill. With normal windows, heat from outside readily passes into your home, raising the temperature significantly, increasing the demand for cooling and air conditioning. Tinting your windows allows homeowners to significantly reducing the heating and cooling energy consumption, resulting in a reduced bill of up to 30. This is good for the environment and for your wallet.

Furthermore, when you reduce the transmission of solar radiation into your house, your indoor temperatures become more consistent. Homes with normal untainted windows tend to have inconsistent temperature owing to the influence of the heat from the sun. This is the case even when using a thermostat. Tinting your windows ensure your indoor spaces has consistent temperatures.

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Can Window Treatment Make Your Employees More Productive?

Invest In Window Tinting To Make Your Workers More Productive

Identifying ways to make a workforce more productive is among the most important goals of any management team. When it comes to boosting staff productivity, investing in business window tint is often overlooked in favor of more complicated approaches such as investing in reward and incentive schemes. You can encourage your workers to be more productive and decrease the disadvantages of natural light by alternatively investing in business window tint.

Disadvantages Of Natural Light

Today, office spaces are being designed with a greater amount of glass as architects push the technological limits of their field. In the modern office space, it’s common to see expansive glass walls. For workers, this brings with it numerous advantages. Natural light can make your office space appear to be bigger than it is, in addition to improving the mood of workers; it does however come with some disadvantages. Damaging UV rays passing through windows can harm human skin and cause furnishings to fade as well. Furthermore, the glare caused by natural light on computer screens can make it hard for employees to work. Buildings covered by glass also suffer from heat gain as well. To make it possible for you to enjoy all the advantages of glass windows, window ting products help eliminate all these issues.

Use Commercial Window Tint To Make Your Workers More Productive

You can continue to enjoy your view and/or the advantages of natural light and prevent the destructive and glare effect associated with UV rays by having window film installed on office windows. Workers can focus on getting more work done, if they no longer have to struggle with the glare of natural light on their screens. You also create a safer workplace for your workers by eliminating exposure to UV rays. Since these harmful rays can wreak havoc on furniture items in the office space, you get to shield them as well.

You can decrease the level of heat gain from windows using window tinting as well. During the sweltering summer heat, an appealing and motivating corner office can turn into an oven. To prevent this, and still maintain that appealing view, you can use window tinting to decrease the level of heat absorption through glass windows.

The aesthetic and professional appeal of your office is bound to improve with window tinting. Workers who are proud of their office space are bound to work harder; thus supporting the motivating potential of this enhanced appeal. You can use window tint to create a more appealing workspace; and as we know, an appealing office can motivate employees to work harder.

Depending on your requirements, you can choose from various types of window tinting film. Available options are seemingly unlimited.

The following is a list of the different types of tinting you can choose from:

  • Window tinting that is designed to be decorative
  • Window tinting film that is designed to filter out harmful Ultra Violet rays
  • High gauge security window tinting film

Among others!

Take the time to identify the issues you are facing, to better understand which type best meets your requirements.

The advantages of window tint that our residential clients enjoy can be enjoyed by commercial clients as well. Both face similar issues regarding energy consumption, glare, privacy and exposure to Ultra Violet rays; though their effect is more pronounced in the case of business clients. Our business clients wish to make their operations as eco-friendly as possible to meet their social responsibility commitments. They also aim to shield their assets from unnecessary damage. By maintaining comfortable indoor temperatures, they aim to create an environment that enhances the productivity of their workers.

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Window Films And Their Life Changing Abilities

How Window Films Can Change Your life And Home

Natural light is something that people want streaming into their homes. However, there is a drawback to this and that is the fact that natural light can cause damage to the items and people in your home. The color of items can fade and there could be an increased risk of skin cancer that you need to be aware of.

If you want to have all the natural light you can get while avoiding some of the negative side effects, there are some changes that you need to make. Residential window film is one of the changes that you should consider. This is a plastic film which is attached to the windows and prevents UV damage and heat gain while letting the light in. There are a lot of ways that this film can change your home and life.

Reducing UV Damage

The sunlight that you let into your home will be carrying UV rays with it that are very damaging. When these rays hit your furniture or skin, they will cause irreparable damage. When you have window films, the amount of UV radiation that enters your home will be reduced. This could be by as much as 99% in some cases.

This reduction in radiation will reduce the damage that is caused by the UV rays. Not only will your property and furniture be better off, your skin will be better as well.

Reducing Energy Costs

Another issue that you have with natural light is the heat gain in your home. This can be great in the cold winter months, but it can make your home unbearable in the summer. The increase in heat will result in your air conditioning bills going up as you try to cool your home.

Window films will reduce the amount of heat gain from the light and provide an insulating effect in the cooler months. This will help to regulate the temperature in your home throughout the year. The knock on effect of this will be a reduction in your energy bills and a lack of hot or cold spots in the house.

Reducing Glare

The last way that window films will be able to completely change your home and life is through the reduction of glare. If you have rooms in your home that are full of windows, you will have glare which makes using any electronic device in the room a nightmare. Window film can limit the amount of glare which will make it easier for you to use your devices. If you find that you are always struggling to read on your phone, use your computer or read your book, window film can help.

There are a lot of benefits that you get when you use residential window film. These benefits will make the window film a good investment as you are able to reduce the risks of UV radiation, reduce the glare and make your home more comfortable in general.

If you are considering using window film to make your home more comfortable, you should look at hiring a professional to install it. Ideally, the person that you hire should have years of experience doing this and working with the type of windows that you have. They should also offer a satisfaction guarantee on their work.

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Home Window Tinting Services – French Doors And Windows

French Doors And Windows

French doors and windows first became popular during the 17th century when Renaissance architects were falling in love with proportionality and symmetry. In many American houses these days, they are a very popular choice and are also used for framing houses and in home interiors. French doors and windows are frequently characterized by intricate designs and their ability to allow lots of light inside of a room. That makes them challenging for home window tinting that only can be handled properly by the best professionals in the business. Before installing window film and tinting to French doors and windows it is important for you to weigh all of your options. In this article we will be discussing four things that you should consider before you install film on your French doors and windows.

Installation Time

There are numerous factors that determine the length of time that it takes to install window tinting or film. They include the type of film or tint to be installed, and the size of glass being covered. Installing film on French doors or windows may be a timely event. French doors and windows unlike standard doors and windows, have individual panels that separate the glass, which requires individually cut film to be installed on each division of glass, which increases installation time. If you plan to install window tint on your French doors or windows, make sure to plan for extended time on installation.

Installation Cost

To install window tinting on French doors and windows may take longer than it does on clear windows or glass, and this can result in increased installation costs as well. The longer that the installation process take, the more more labor time that will be required, and the more expensive the installation cost will be as well. When hiring an installation company, make sure to book an appointment and ask questions to clarify the costs and process before the installation begins Many consumers have ended up with hidden costs due to not being aware of all of the charges from the installation company. Don’t get caught off guard, make sure to only hire a window file installation that is fully transparent about its pricing policies.

Film Quality

When selecting window film for French windows or doors, there is a broad range of options that are available, depending on the style you want for your home and what purpose the tinting is for. It is best to select something that will you give you plenty of enjoyment for a very long time, due to the fact that high quality window films, if they are properly cared for, may last a lifetime. Since window film installation on French doors and windows has a longer installation time, make sure to select a quality film that doesn’t need to be replaced frequently and won’t fade fast. High-quality window film may help to protect your furniture and family and is available in a wide range of designs and patterns that can meet all of your aesthetic needs.


It is a complex process to install window film on French doors and windows, so there isn’t a lot of room for error. An installation that is done improperly can cause extensive damage to French doors and windows since the wooden partitions may experience water damage when the installer isn’t careful. In order to protect your windows and wallet, select a company that has window film installers who are very experienced. Do your research by checking the company’s social media and website is the perfect way to find the most experienced company and that has a proven track record.

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Does Window Tinting Help With Texas Heat?

Understanding How Tinted Windows Help Keep Cars Cooler

One question many homeowners have is whether or not window tint can keep their cars cooler. As it turns out, tinting the windows of a home is an effective way to reduce the temperature inside. Tinted windows do more than provide privacy – they also minimize the amount of sunlight that enters, resulting in lower interior temperatures. You may find it quite impressive that window tinting can have such a profound effect on the temperature inside a car when you consider how thin the film is. Once you understand the scientific principles that are at play, however, it is a lot easier to understand why tinted windows do such a great job of keeping cars cool.

A Closer Look At How Window Tint Blocks Unwanted Heat

When tinted film is applied to a house’s windows, it helps block out the sun. The film that is used in the tinting process is mostly made up of polyester. With certain films, small fragments of metal and thin layers of dye are also used on the film’s topmost layer. Together, the film’s individual layers prevent solar heat gain while still letting an adequate amount of light through.

Nano-carbon ceramic films are a relatively new introduction to the window tinting industry. These window films use a combination of carbon and ceramic particles to create a film with greater heat-blocking capabilities and richer coloring. Even though films that incorporate nano-carbon ceramic technology are superior at blocking out heat, they provide excellent visibility in a wide range of outdoor lighting scenarios. Thanks to its superior ability to retain its color, this film also lasts for many years before needing to be replaced.

One way to judge the effectiveness of a specific window tint is by looking at its rating for light transmittance. This measurement, which is determined by the transmission level of visible light through the window tint, is expressed as the VLT%. The tint’s ability to absorb light, on the other hand, is expressed as its VLA%. Finally, the measurement that is used to show the amount of light that is reflected off of the window tint is expressed as its VLR%.

Since these terms can be a little bit confusing, it is often helpful to look at an example. Imagine if you had a vehicle that didn’t have tinted windows. In this case, the windows transmit approximately 90% of the visible light. Based on this, the VLT% of the glass is 90. That same untinted glass only absorbs about 5% of the light, meaning that it’s VLA rating is five. The remaining 5% of visible light is reflected off of the surface, giving it a VLR rating of five, as well. In this case, the vast majority of visible light is allowed to get through to the inside of the vehicle. As a result, the inside of the home can get quite hot.

Is Window Tint Effective At Minimizing Heat?

Ratings for light transmittance are only used to indicate the percentage of light that is blocked by the window tint. They don’t provide any real information about the cooling level that the windows provide. When you look at the research, however, there are a lot of studies that have been done that answer the question of whether or not window tint has an effect on heat. For instance, F.M. Nasir and M.A. Jasni conducted a study in 2012. This study showed that tinted windows were effective at blocking out heat.

At one point in the study, the research seemed to indicate that sunshades did a better job of blocking out heat than tinted windows. As it turns out, however, the cooling characteristics provided by sunshades only affected the region near the windows in question. When used in a home without tinted windows, sunshades only lowered the temperature inside the vehicle by approximately 2°C. By way of comparison, adding tinted windows to a vehicle lowered the temperature throughout the vehicle by as much as 8°C.

The scientific research provided by Nasir and Jasni shows that window tints are effective at blocking out heat. One point worth considering, however, is that the tints used in the study were a lot weaker than many that are available, only blocking out between 65 and 85% of the infrared light. Based on that, window tints with higher infrared-blocking rates could keep the temperature inside of the vehicle even cooler. This information makes it clear that window tinting is an effective way to lower the temperature in interior spaces.

What Are The Benefits Of Minimizing Heat Inside A House?

If the temperature inside your home climbs too high, it not only poses a health risk but can also cause the inside of your vehicle to deteriorate more quickly. When you look at a house, a high percentage of the total surface is made up of windows. Windows allow both light and heat to enter the vehicle. Sunlight streaming into the home through the windows can cause the temperature inside the vehicle to rise by as much as 19° or more in 15 minutes or less. The temperature continues to rise with ongoing exposure to the sun, climbing as high as 50° higher than the temperature outside after about two hours.

If you get into a home that is extremely hot inside, it can cause problems like heatstroke and dehydration. Even though you may not experience any initial symptoms, these problems can begin when the temperature of your body reaches about 104°. Imagine how much damage could occur after being repeatedly exposed to high temperatures in your house.

For instance, if the plastic parts in your Home’s interior are exposed to high levels of heat for a long period of time, they can give off benzene gas. This gas negatively impacts human health. Not only does benzene have cancer-causing properties but it also can result in immunodeficiency problems and anemia. Problems like these can be avoided simply by opting for tinted windows on your home to keep the heat level down inside.

Are Tinted Windows A Good Choice For Blocking Heat?

Tinted windows are highly effective at blocking heat. They help keep the rays of the sun from raising the temperature inside your home. This not only makes your home more comfortable but also helps protect your health. It seems strange that manufacturers are still making Homes without tinted windows since scientific studies have shown that they are so effective at blocking heat. Even if your current home didn’t originally come with tinted windows, you can always have tint applied to take advantage of its heat-blocking benefits.

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Houston Window Tinters Explain Why You Need Window Tinting

Window Tinting In Houston  – The Invisible Guardian Angel That Protects You

There are numerous benefits that are offered by window tint and the best news of all is that it is invisible! Many important functions are performed by tint including saving money on your utility bills, protecting you against UV rays, and protecting you against skin cancer. These benefits are all made possible by the fact that tinted windows form a barrier in between you and the outside world and weather elements so that you can enjoy the comforts and safety of your home.

Window Tint Benefits

One of the best benefits that window film has to offer is that it can be invisible and see-through if you want it to be. Having a darker tint is another option, which in busy neighborhoods is often a necessity. Apart from providing your house with that final touch for maximizing curb appeal, several important benefits are offered by residential window tinting.

Saves Furniture

The life of your furniture gets extended when there is no sun shining through the windows and onto your furniture and walls. Direct sunlight on walls has a tendency to discolor paint, which gives a room a bit of an uneven appearance when there are also areas that the sun does not affect. If you have made a significant investment in the interior contents of your home then we recommend that you maintain your furniture through protect it against direct sunlight. An easy way of preventing damage and your furniture from weakening is to use window tinting.

Reduces Glare

Window fill reflects the sun’s heat along with the glare that gets generated. It can be very annoying when glare from the sun comes in at the wrong angle and it may impact your employees’ productivity and also the comfort of your office or home. Cooking, reading, working on a computer and watching TV all may be affected by the glare. It isn’t serious, but it can be very inconvenient.

Save On Energy Costs

When the sun’s rays are prevented from penetrating your office or home, you will save on your utility bills by not having to use your air conditioning as much. With window film you won’t need to cool down or heat up as much as you would without having the film.

Improved Privacy

If you house is located in an area where there is lots of foot traffic ever day or is on a busy street, then tinting your windows can give you some much needed privacy. People passing by won’t be able to look inside of your home and your family will be able to feel secure inside your house.

Enhanced Safety

Using security window film can help to deter intruders from having access to your house since it makes it harder to penetrate the glass than if it didn’t have any protection. Thieves would prefer avoiding a house that is going to potentially cause them problems due to how much time it will take them to gain access. That along with the fact that you can darken the color of the film means there will be fewer prying eyes on your home or office. Other safety aspects including preventing your windows from getting shattered during severe weather conditions, attempt burglaries, and stray balls like footballs and baseballs. If a window does break, your family will be protected from glass related injuries since no glass will be flying around.

Protect Against Skin Cancer

When it comes to UV rays from the sun, they are both dangerous and sneaky. They cause premature aging and damage your skin. UV rays may affect you while under cover, on the beach, inside your office, in your car, and other places as well. It comes through windows, but it won’t if it is blocked out. It is possible for UV rays to penetrate through windows, so if you are sitting right next to a window and there is sunlight stream in, then you could be at risk for developing UV damage. That is why window tint can protect you against skin cancer.

When it comes to window tinting, one of the best things about it is that it’s an investment in your office or home and only represents a one-time cost. That makes it very easy to maintain and its benefits far outweigh any initial cost. When window film is used it maintains your windows’ natural appearance and still does the job of protecting your office or household against harmful UV rays, still allow good light in, and reduces energy transfer.

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How Can Anti-Graffiti Window Film Help Your Business?

The Value Of Multi-Layer Anti-Graffiti Window Film

What Multi-Layer Anti-Graffiti Window Film Can Do For Your Business

Critics and commentators have debated whether or not graffiti is art for generations now. If you’re a business owner in Texas and you’ve ever had to deal with the hassle and expense of cleaning graffiti off your premises, you have a pretty firm bias against graffiti. Texas property damage laws include graffiti as a form of damage, and in the right circumstances, this form of vandalism can earn perpetrators a five-year prison sentence. From a practical point of view, just getting rid of graffiti so that it doesn’t impact your business can cost you thousands of dollars. The latest technological refinements in window film give you a powerful tool you can use to protect your property from graffiti as well as other forms of vandalism. This article will familiarize you with the details of anti-graffiti window film and all of its benefits.

Anti-Graffiti Film: How Does It Work?

The anti-graffiti film is one or more protective layers applied to windows or mirrors. Most products in this field deliver multi-layer protection when applied to vulnerable surfaces. In most cases, paint and other markings applied to a protected surface can be removed with ordinary household cleaners. The anti-graffiti film can even protect your glass from more serious forms of malicious damage, like scratching and etching. In cases like this, the top layer of the film is removed to remove the damage. Manufacturers produce this polyester film in a range of different thicknesses. This lets you pick the right level of protection for your business’s specific needs. Filmed glass cuts down both your risk and the cost of getting rid of graffiti; the film is much cheaper and easier to replace than the glass beneath it.

Additional Benefits Of Anti-Graffiti Film

Besides the obvious job of protecting your windows and mirrors from vandalism, the anti-graffiti film can do some other helpful tasks as well:

Preserving Other Window Films

Lots of businesses rely on other sorts of window films on their premises. Commercial window tinting, for example, increases privacy and security, and films are also often used for marketing purposes. The great thing about the anti-graffiti film is that it doesn’t interfere with these other treatments in any way. In virtually every case, anti-graffiti window film can be applied right on top of other films. The film is clear and optically neutral; it does not change your windows’ colors or reduce the amount of light coming through them.

Discouraging Vandals In The Future

Graffiti is a classic example of a problem that requires strict vigilance. One vandal tagging your property can serve as an inspiration to others. Tags, etchings, and other signs can multiply rapidly if you don’t take immediate steps to remove them. Anti-graffiti film simplifies that process tremendously. All you need to do is wipe down the film or remove a layer to restore your business’s pristine appearance. Remember that graffiti is a way of attracting attention; if vandals know graffiti on your building is removed quickly, they will turn their attention elsewhere in search of more-permanent settings.

Blocking UV Rays

Because of the multiple layers used in the anti-graffiti film, it can actually be manufactured to handle multiple jobs. That includes blocking out sunlight’s unhealthy UV rays. Some films are so well-made that they can guarantee 99 percent protection. UV blocking also helps your business by reducing the amount of unwanted heat getting into the building. Bring up UV protection with your film installation company to see what level of protection is best for you.

The Importance Of Professional Installation

While anti-graffiti window film can deliver potent benefits, it needs to be installed properly to do so. This job needs to go to trained and experienced professionals. That’s why Sundown Tinting is always upfront about the professional credentials of our installers. All of them are certified and thoroughly experienced in handling our full range of window film products. They handle residential, commercial, and automotive work with equal skill. If you’re ready to fight back against graffiti, contact us now. We’ll happily provide the perfect anti-graffiti film product – and the skilled installation it requires for maximum effect.

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The Perks Of Going With Safe & Secure Residential Or Commercial Tinting In Houston

Benefits of Safety and Security Window Film

We frequently get questions about the safety and security window films we offer. How do they work? What do they protect? Why do you need safety and security window film? We hope that we can answer these questions, as well as give you some extra information.

Which would you rather have working to protect you? Glass covered with security film, or plain, untreated glass?

Provides Protection from Injuries

Security films work as a shield and offer you protection from broken glass if an accident happens, whether you’re at work or at home. When glass breaks, its pieces can strike humans, leading to severe injury or death. Made with high powered adhesives, safety and security films can limit hazards caused by broken glass as it keeps all of the pieces together and attached to the film.

Protection from Severe Weather

When severe weather strikes, glass breaking can cause serious injuries and issues. Glass tends to be one of the first things that break during a severe thunderstorm, tornado, or hurricane. During this type of weather, rain, wind, and flying objects may cause the glass in your home or building to break. This means that anyone could easily gain access to your workplace or home. This could lead to even more property damage or destruction. Safety and Security films will help limit any additional debris entering your home after a storm, providing extra protection around the clock. A disaster can strike at any time, without warning, but security films are always ready to assist.

Protect You from Crime

Glass doors and windows are one of the parts of your home or business that are most at risk. They make for easy points of entry for thieves and other criminals. Glass makes an easy way for those with ill intent to access your property. A security system is helpful, but it doesn’t provide much protection against especially determined intruders. Intruders can’t easily break the glass that’s protected with security film, even if they hit it with a heavy object. Often, they become frustrated and go on to another building.

Facts about Using Security Window Film

Safety and security window film is designed to hold the fragments of glass together after the glass is broken. While there is some benefit to any window film that is added to any type of window, there’s no security benefit unless it’s been tested and listed for such by the manufacturer. These specific films are put on the glass that is tested to the same standards as laminated glass, heat-strengthened glass, and tempered glass.

After numerous blows to the same area, these films may start to tear as the glass punches through the film itself. This means that while the film can help quite a bit and limits the hazard the glass causes at the first impact, after numerous blows they may not do as well. We advise that after you’ve experienced a break or impact, you have the current film removed and add new so that you can be sure you’re correctly protected.

A film can be installed on only the exposed glass area, an entire glass surface, or as part of a bigger system. Films that are put only on the exposed glass work to hold the glass together and in the frame, so that as long as some of the glass holds together, it all holds. Once there is a total break, the film and the glass will fall out of the frame. The film that has been installed edge-to-edge will hold the glass better inside of a frame, as part of the protective film is put on the glass that is under the frame, so it provides layers of protection. The film that is installed as part of an attached system is attached to the frame of the window itself with high-grade silicon adhesives.

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