Finding the Right Tinting Company

We want all of our clients to be completely comfortable in their decision when they hire us on. To that end, we always encourage any potential customers to look us up as well as our competition, and do as much research as they feel is appropriate for the decision. Here are a some questions that, once answered, make that whole process easier.

  • Are they locally owned and operated? Oftentimes, contractors that don’t work in or near the communities that they live do so for a reason.
  • Are they an established or new business? New businesses often pass their mistakes and inefficiencies onto their customers. When it comes to contracting, experience is an absolute must.
  • Do they showcase their work? Any contractor that won’t stand by their work is probably not worth hiring.
  • Are their clients happy? Even if a contractor does good work, they still might not be the best hire. Checking reputable review sites like BBB is a good way to make sure their client facing approach works for their customers.
  • Do they offer a warranty? One of the best ways to see if somebody will stand by their work is if they offer a warranty. A well run tinting company should offer a warranty that gives you piece of mind for your purchase.

Why Sundown Window Tinting?

Here at Sundown Window Tinting, we are committed to providing excellent tinting services in Houston for all of our commercial and residential clients. However, the needs of commercial clients are often more intensive than the needs of residents. Especially in Houston, where the bright hot sun can beat in through the windows, heating up rooms and making glare unbearable. If you think these factors are inhibiting the work at your business, it may be beneficial to give our Houston window tinting company a call. We know many of our customers are unfamiliar with the process of window tinting, so we are always happy to walk potential clients through every step of the process. In fact, word of mouth is our favorite way to grow our business. So if you know any of our previous customers, be sure to ask them about our work!

Want to know more? Let’s discuss your specifics, give us a call at 281-766-8115