Did You Know


  • Residential film – lifetime warranties
  • Commercial film – 5 – 15 year warranties dependent upon the type of film selected

Solar control films (tint)

  • Solar control films can help you achieve up to 9 LEED (Leadership Energy Efficiency Design) points
  • Houston & the surrounding area are known as the MOST Air-Conditioned region in the world!
  • Window film can reject solar heat from 26% up to 84% based upon film selected
  • Window film can reduce glare from a minimum of 26% up to 92% dependent upon film selection
  • Window film can reduce ultraviolet rays by up to 99%
  • We also offer solar control tint that is Virtually Invisible, but still provides the same benefits of tinted films
  • We offer a line of Low-E films that keep the heat out in the summer and contain warmth within rooms during the winter. Window tint CAN be applied to Low-E windows without concern.

Security films (tint) – protect your homes & buildings 

  • The lastHundred Year Hurricaneto hit the Houston area was in 1900 when Galveston was destroyed by a category 5 hurricane.
  • Hurricane Ike caused $19.7 billion in damage in Texas alone. Content damage and lost productivity can cripple organizations without well developed “Business Continuity” plans and well planned contingencies for limiting damage to facilities.
  • 1 in every 36 homes is burglarized each year
  • The annual cost of burglaries is $4.7 billion. The average cost of a home burglary is $2,230.
  • 65% of burglaries occur between 6 AM and 6 PM
  • According to the FBI the Houston area tops the list with 26,630 burglaries annually
  • Cash and electronics are the most commonly stolen items in burglaries
  • Anti-graffiti films protect mirrors, glass and certain walls within establishments frequented by the public
  • Vandalism costs businesses an average of $3,370 per occurrence

Perforated films (vinyl)

  • Advertise sales
  • Promote special campaigns
  • Create decals, banners and special images to attract customers

Decorative films (tint) – Let your creativity flow

  • Textures
  • Patterns
  • Frosts
  • Colors