Benefits Of Safety And Security Window Film

Benefits Of Safety And Security Window Film

We frequently get questions about the safety and security window films we offer. How do they work? What do they protect? Why do you need safety and security window film? We hope that we can answer these questions, as well as give you some extra information.

Which would you rather have working to protect you? Glass covered with security film, or plain, untreated glass?


Security films work as a shield and offer you protection from broken glass if an accident happens, whether you’re at work or at home. When glass breaks, its pieces can strike humans, leading to severe injury or death. Made with high powered adhesives, safety and security films can limit hazards caused by broken glass as it keeps all of the pieces together and attached to the film.


When severe weather strikes, glass breaking can cause serious injuries and issues. Glass tends to be one of the first things that break during a severe thunderstorm, tornado, or hurricane. During this type of weather, rain, wind, and flying objects may cause the glass in your home or building to break. This means that anyone could easily gain access to your workplace or home. This could lead to even more property damage or destruction. Safety and Security films will help limit any additional debris entering your home after a storm, providing extra protection around the clock. A disaster can strike at any time, without warning, but security films are always ready to assist.


Glass doors and windows are one of the parts of your home or business that are most at risk. They make for easy points of entry for thieves and other criminals. Glass makes an easy way for those with ill intent to access your property. A security system is helpful, but it doesn’t provide much protection against especially determined intruders. Intruders can’t easily break the glass that’s protected with security film, even if they hit it with a heavy object. Often, they become frustrated and go on to another building.


Safety and security window film is designed to hold the fragments of glass together after the glass is broken. While there is some benefit to any window film that is added to any type of window, there’s no security benefit unless it’s been tested and listed for such by the manufacturer. These specific films are put on the glass that is tested to the same standards as laminated glass, heat-strengthened glass, and tempered glass.

After numerous blows to the same area, these films may start to tear as the glass punches through the film itself. This means that while the film can help quite a bit and limits the hazard the glass causes at the first impact, after numerous blows they may not do as well. We advise that after you’ve experienced a break or impact, you have the current film removed and add new so that you can be sure you’re correctly protected.

A film can be installed on only the exposed glass area, an entire glass surface, or as part of a bigger system. Films that are put only on the exposed glass work to hold the glass together and in the frame, so that as long as some of the glass holds together, it all holds. Once there is a total break, the film and the glass will fall out of the frame. The film that has been installed edge-to-edge will hold the glass better inside of a frame, as part of the protective film is put on the glass that is under the frame, so it provides layers of protection. The film that is installed as part of an attached system is attached to the frame of the window itself with high-grade silicon adhesives.

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