Commercial Tinting


Commercial window tinting in Houston, TX can save money and make the working environment more desirable. Whether its to provide for a more comfortable work area or save on cooling costs, turn to the commercial tinting experts here at Sundown Window Tinting!


Our business customers can also experience the benefits of window film installation that are realized by our residential window tinting clients. The same concerns related to UV rays, privacy, heat & glare, and energy use are all prevalent, often even more so, in commercial buildings. Many of our commercial window tinting clients desire to be socially responsible by operating as “green” as possible. They have heightened concerns related to protecting their assets. They want to provide a comfortable and productive work environment for their employees by keeping ambient temperatures comfortable. Many of our previous clients have reported all of the following after their Houston commercial tint installation.

Money Saved

As we mentioned, energy costs can soar when your air conditioning unit is constantly fighting off the sun. By blocking all of the surface area where light gets through the windows, a business owner can save a significant amount on their energy with a window tinting service alone, not even counting the extra life you'll get on your AC from not working it so hard.

Comfortable Environment

Despite what some of the more irate bosses and teachers might say, people generally do better work when they are not uncomfortable all of the time. For some reason, this seems especially true when things are too hot rather than too cold (you can always layer up, you can't always take layers off, especially at work). It's no stretch that many managers see statistically significant improvement in productivity when their workers needs are taken care of.

Extra Protection

When you store stuff inside, you tend to think of it as safe from the elements. However, many items experience degradation merely from exposure to sunlight. If your building has valuable belongings of this nature, they could be losing value much faster than they should if they are being exposed to sunlight regularly. It is just one more way that a Houston window tinting service can save you money.

Extra Safety

It probably comes as no surprise that your windows are the most vulnerable part of your commercial building; glass is not well known for its durability. Although it is more of a side effect of window tinting than its primary function, because tints are placed on the inside of a building, they can actually protect people inside from glass shrapnel in the event of a window shattering from vandalism, storms, etc. This can give business owners just a little bit more piece of mind about the safety of their workers.

Improved Aesthetic

Many people do not know just how many styles and designs are available when it comes to commercial window tinting. Here at Sundown Window Tinting, we are happy to walk our customers through all of their options. An new and improved look is just another benefit that you can look forward to when you hire Sundown Window Tinting.


Our window film & tinting products provide relief in all of these areas as well as adding to the beauty of commercial buildings, both inside and out. Today’s technology has increased the use of glass in interiors of buildings. This provides many options for the installation of window film including etched films on doors, conference rooms, and decorative film, which adds to the aesthetics of commercial offices.


A critical benefit of window security film is the protection provided against broken glass. It will not protect against vandalism and burglary, but it will sure slow them down. It even mitigates accidental damage from natural disasters like tropical storms and hurricanes. While window film won’t wholly prevent glass breakage, it can contain the damage from glass falling or flying out after an impact. It provides a barrier that dissuades robberies and protects the contents of your business.


Basically, window tinting can be boiled down to applying a tinted film onto a window's glass surface. However, the process is much more in depth and complicated than that. The tinting layer is mostly made up of a clear polyester film, to which metals and dyes are added in order to give the it the desired tinting characteristics. Contrary to popular belief, window tinting is generally placed on the glass inside the building rather than outside. This is in order to protect the tint from degradation from the elements, but it also has the added effect of minimizing glass shrapnel hitting anybody inside the building in the case of a window breaking.

Many people worry that their window tinting service will block too much light from their commercial building, or not enough. However, these factors are actually under the control of the tinting contractor that you choose, and a good one will be able to walk you through your options until you are satisfied with your choice. Another common misconception is that people inside your building won't be able to see outside once the sun starts setting. Unlike sunglasses, most levels of window tinting do not mitigate night vision. This allows businesses like restaurants, clubs, gyms and studios to enjoy all of the benefits of window tinting without worrying about it affecting their business at night.

To get a bit technical, the VLT%, or Visible Light Transmittance, rating used by almost every window tinting company includes both the brand of the tint and a percentage that reflects the amount of visible light that can get through. The lower the percentage, the less visible light can get through that tint. So, for instance, Johnson Executive PBC30 would be a different brand and darker tint than Madico Charcool CH-55.

As we mentioned before, window tints protect from more than just the visible light spectrum. Harmful UV-A and UV-B, as well as infrared, rays on the light spectrum are also blocked by window tinting, which is great, as they have all been linked to cancer with heavy exposure.


We want all of our clients to be completely comfortable in their decision when they hire us on. To that end, we always encourage any potential customers to look us up as well as our competition, and do as much research as they feel is appropriate for the decision. Here are a some questions that, once answered, make that whole process easier.

  • Are they locally owned and operated? Oftentimes, contractors that don’t work in or near the communities that they live do so for a reason.
  • Are they an established or new business? New businesses often pass their mistakes and inefficiencies onto their customers. When it comes to contracting, experience is an absolute must.
  • Do they showcase their work? Any contractor that won’t stand by their work is probably not worth hiring.
  • Are their clients happy? Even if a contractor does good work, they still might not be the best hire. Checking reputable review sites like BBB is a good way to make sure their client facing approach works for their customers.
  • Do they offer a warranty? One of the best ways to see if somebody will stand by their work is if they offer a warranty. A well run tinting company should offer a warranty that gives you piece of mind for your purchase.


Here at Sundown Window Tinting, we are committed to providing excellent tinting services in Houston for all of our commercial and residential clients. However, the needs of commercial clients are often more intensive than the needs of residents. Especially in Houston, where the bright hot sun can beat in through the windows, heating up rooms and making glare unbearable. If you think these factors are inhibiting the work at your business, it may be beneficial to give our Houston window tinting company a call. We know many of our customers are unfamiliar with the process of window tinting, so we are always happy to walk potential clients through every step of the process. In fact, word of mouth is our favorite way to grow our business. So if you know any of our previous customers, be sure to ask them about our work!

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