French Doors And Windows

French Doors And Windows

French doors and windows first became popular during the 17th century when Renaissance architects were falling in love with proportionality and symmetry. In many American houses these days, they are a very popular choice and are also used for framing houses and in home interiors. French doors and windows are frequently characterized by intricate designs and their ability to allow lots of light inside of a room. That makes them challenging for home window tinting that only can be handled properly by the best professionals in the business. Before installing window film and tinting to French doors and windows it is important for you to weigh all of your options. In this article we will be discussing four things that you should consider before you install film on your French doors and windows.


There are numerous factors that determine the length of time that it takes to install window tinting or film. They include the type of film or tint to be installed, and the size of glass being covered. Installing film on French doors or windows may be a timely event. French doors and windows unlike standard doors and windows, have individual panels that separate the glass, which requires individually cut film to be installed on each division of glass, which increases installation time. If you plan to install window tint on your French doors or windows, make sure to plan for extended time on installation.


To install window tinting on French doors and windows may take longer than it does on clear windows or glass, and this can result in increased installation costs as well. The longer that the installation process take, the more more labor time that will be required, and the more expensive the installation cost will be as well. When hiring an installation company, make sure to book an appointment and ask questions to clarify the costs and process before the installation begins Many consumers have ended up with hidden costs due to not being aware of all of the charges from the installation company. Don’t get caught off guard, make sure to only hire a window file installation that is fully transparent about its pricing policies.


When selecting window film for French windows or doors, there is a broad range of options that are available, depending on the style you want for your home and what purpose the tinting is for. It is best to select something that will you give you plenty of enjoyment for a very long time, due to the fact that high quality window films, if they are properly cared for, may last a lifetime. Since window film installation on French doors and windows has a longer installation time, make sure to select a quality film that doesn’t need to be replaced frequently and won’t fade fast. High-quality window film may help to protect your furniture and family and is available in a wide range of designs and patterns that can meet all of your aesthetic needs.



It is a complex process to install window film on French doors and windows, so there isn’t a lot of room for error. An installation that is done improperly can cause extensive damage to French doors and windows since the wooden partitions may experience water damage when the installer isn’t careful. In order to protect your windows and wallet, select a company that has window film installers who are very experienced. Do your research by checking the company’s social media and website is the perfect way to find the most experienced company and that has a proven track record.

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