Question – Are all of your Houston window film installations reflective?

Answer – No. Window film technology has changed considerably over the years. If you desire reflective film, we can provide it. However, clear film technology exists that allows all of the benefits related to heat and glare reduction without the reflective properties.

Question – Is it necessary to use a “dark” film to get the best results?

Answer – The most popular films are neutral in appearance, providing all the benefits of window film without significantly changing the inward or outward appearance of your windows.

Question – What impact will Houston window tinting have on my indoor plants?

Answer – Indoor plants do very well with the application of window film due to reduced IR light exposure.

Question – Is window film installed on the inside or the outside of windows?

Answer – Window film is installed primarily on the inside of windows which allows for it to carry substantial quality warranties. We do offer films that can be installed on the exterior of windows.

Question – Will window film scratch?

Answer – All films in the marketplace are subject to possible scratching, however, our products are designed with a Scratch Resistant Hardcoat that allows them to withstand normal day-to-day activities.

Question – How long does window film last?

Answer – Our films are produced with a distortion-free adhesive system that has been specifically designed for years of performance in demanding commercial & residential applications. Residential applications come with a limited lifetime warranty that covers the product as long as you own the home.

Question – Will window film change color or bubble over time?

Answer – The metal alloys and ceramic film used in today’s technology provide color stability. There are no dyes or pigments added to the film, which results in color stable film.

Question – After window film is installed, can I still clean my windows?

Answer – Absolutely. Window film is strong and can undergo maintenance cleaning after a 30 day curing process without any concerns. We happily provide guidance related to cleaning after the application of window film.