Windows can be a fantastic aesthetic addition to a home. When building a home, heaps of work from contractors and builders goes into figuring out exactly where to put windows to provide the correct amount of light to the spaces inside the home. This precise design can contribute to the beauty of a house. Tints provide added beauty from both the inside and outside of a home. Whether you are trying to see a backyard full of gorgeous landscaping or a lake view, windows can provide exceptional visibility of the spaces you want to cultivate. Residential Window Tinting is the best option to make the most of your windows’ aesthetics. Moreover, windows can give visible access to unique rooms and furnishings you set up inside your home as well.

Residential Window Tinting in Houston

There are two things to keep in mind when designing these spaces in and around a home in Texas.

  1. The sun is scorching
  2. The sun is extremely bright

This is where our Houston residential window tinting comes in. You can use it to do a multitude of things. Everything from protecting flooring and furniture, to keeping rooms cool. Sundown Window Tinting provides films that can:

  • Make areas that are too hot cooler with solar control films
  • Take blinding glare and soften the light with shaded tints
  • Protect hardwood floors or carpet from ultraviolet light and prevent fading
  • Protect furniture, draperies, and artwork from damaging sunlight
  • Provide privacy for rooms that face neighbors or roads
  • Provide enhanced views with polarized films to beautify outdoor spaces

There are many more uses for window film past this list as well!

Residential Window Tinting Houston

One of the most important things to remember when considering home window tint film in Houston, Texas is the drastic reduction it can provide in the cost of your energy bill. Many households can cut their energy bills in half after installing window film in the home. The ability for the film to allow air conditioning units to work as intended is a great benefit. The rooms stay cooler longer, and the air conditioning can cool the spaces faster when they do heat up. This also saves from hefty repair bills down the line. If your air conditioning unit can work less, it can last longer. These films can often pay for themselves in a matter of two and a half to three years in some cases, and after that, the savings go straight into your pocket.

Many people in Houston are aware that sunlight can damage their skin, but most people do not consider the damage that the same ultraviolet light could be doing to their home. These rays can fade beautiful hardwood flooring or carpet, damage antique furniture, artwork, and draperies, and fade new leather and fabric furniture in only one or two years time. To protect these items from damage, window film is the best option. Sundown offers many films that block out over 99 percent of ultraviolet rays entering through your windows. These films can range anywhere from blacked out limo tint style, to absolutely beautiful ceramic polarized films, all the way to almost completely clear and unnoticeable.

Residential Window Tinting Near Me?

Sundown Window Tinting is a trusted name in the Houston area and has been for decades after starting its operations in 1982. Our staff is well trained and friendly, and more than capable of improving your house with our extensive array of window films made with homeowners’ satisfaction in mind. The team is also trained to know what kinds of films would best suit the needs of your space. Sundown operates all over the Houston area and has success stories all over the city and suburbs.

Services Sundown provides to its homeowners include:

  • Free and easy to understand in-home estimates with no hidden fees
  • Multiple available samples of a variety of films that are free to keep and consider
  • Expert analysis and assistance to help in deciding what film to choose for your space
  • Available staff always happy to answer questions
  • Flexible installation times to fit your schedule

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